XXIO7 Driver

XXIO7 Driver

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The XXIO7 series woods feature Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.'s original Dual Speed Technology, which maximizes the effect of the golfer's swing. The driver features a newly developed shaft that reduces the club's moment of inertia (MOI), delivering higher head speed than the previous model. At the same time, the heavier club head produces more kinetic energy on impact, resulting in higher ball speed. In addition, XXIO's signature ability to hit a ball high and hard with an exhilarating impact sound has been taken to the next level. With these distance-enhancing technologies, XXIO7 offers even longer flights than XXIO6.





XXIO7 Driver

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Loft angle (°) 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5
Lie angle (°) 58
Head volume (㎤) 460
Club Length (inch) 45.5
Swing Weight D2 (S) D2 (SR) D1 (R) D1 (R2)
Club Weight (g) R 282

● The normal production, except it is custom-made production

Head material
Face: Low-density Titanium (SUPER-TIX® PLUS for XXIO)
Body: Low-density Titanium (T9S) + Stainless Steel weight

Face: Forged
Body: Vacuum precision casting

Head: High-gloss metallic blue gradation lacquer (partially finished as color clear lacquer) with mirror, satin, and bead-shot finish
Plaque: Navy



Flex Bend Point Weight (g) Torque
S Mid 49 5.6
SR Mid 47 5.7
R Mid 44 5.8
R2 Mid 43 5.9

Key Features

Innovative Dual Speed Technology maximizes the power of the golfer's swing



Reduced club moment of inertia (MOI)
The XXIO7's exclusively designed MP700 carbon shaft is 2 g lighter than the previous model, with a new weight distribution design that moves the center of gravity (CG) 40 mm closer to the grip. This new design (patent pending) reduces the club's MOI which enables the golfer to swing easier.

By enabling the golfer to swing easier without changing the club's overall weight or balance, this new technology delivers higher head speed than the previous model, even with club length reduced by 0.5 inches.

MP700 carbon shaft


Higher club head kinetic energy
In addition to higher head speed technology, club head weight has been increased by 5 g than the previous model to impart more kinetic energy to the ball at impact, resulting in higher ball speed.

New shaft rigidity design
Even with weight distributed toward the grip end, the new design redistributes shaft rigidity to allow flexing right up to the grip, resulting in higher head speed.

Higher on-center hitting ratio
Making the club 0.5 inches shorter than the previous model results easier swing and the reduced impact point variation results a higher on-center hitting ratio and higher ball speed.

Shaft Graph

XXIO Driver—a great club made even better


Evolution of high and strong trajectory

Auto Power Impact, which produces high launch and low spin trajectory., has been further refined in the XXIO7. The MP700 graphite shaft with its new rigidity design allows the club tip to flex more fully for a higher launch angle. The CG distance on the club face is also shorter than the previous model, making the head to return square at impact. These improvements work synergistically for easier return of the head to square at impact.


Expanded sweet spot

Higher moment of inertia (MOI)
For the body, T9S Titanium, which is lower in density than the material used in the previous model, permits a weight distribution design offering higher MOI.

New face thickness distribution
The face area employs SUPER-TIX® PLUS for XXIO, a high-strength, low-density Titanium. The new face thickness design extends the thin portion to the return portion of the face, resulting in a 7% larger sweet spot that complies better with golfers' typical strike point.

Sweet Spot Graph

Exhilarating sound

The new sound rib design together with a high-pitch design featuring less surface area and increased rigidity ensures a high, steady and exhilarating impact sound regardless of where the ball is hit.

Exhilarating Sound Graph